Sun Smart


Is it time to become sun smart not sun scared?

images-145Over the past 30-40yrs Australia’s vitamin D deficiency levels have risen to over 30% in Adults, mostly on the back of thinking that any sun may harm you.

Unfortunately this appears to be an over correction as the sun, in the appropriate amounts, is vital for good health. There are only a limited huber of foods that contain small amounts of vitamin D, which include oily fish, liver and egg yolks. One of the simplest ways to make vitamin D is through time in the sun.

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency include lowered immunity, impaired wound healing, fatigue, depression, hair loss, bone loss, bone, back and muscle pain.

Vitamin D deficiency is avoidable through spending the appropriate time getting some sun. I am not advocating laying in the hot sun for hours on end. This is what caused the  problem of fearing the sun in the first place. 

Knowing your skin type and the UV index for the day, it is possible to workout what amount of time you can safely spend in the sun building  up your vitamin D levels without getting burnt. Even better you can download a free app like “dminder” on your phone and it will do it all for you.

Bring balance back to your time in the sun for the benefit of your health. Become sun smart not sun scared.


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