Stress, Health and Perspective


I know I go on about the impact of stress all the time but unresolved stress is the major contributing factor in the uncontrolled rise in chronic health and mental health issues we find ourselves in as a modern society.

mental-healthSadly I also know that chiropractic is preserved by most of the public and health professions as a back pain treatment but it wasn’t always this way. Chiropractic has a rich history in helping people suffering from a wide variety of physical and mental health issue dating back over 100yrs.

As we are in the midst of this current overwhelming crisis of chronic health and mental health issues, many of those suffering don’t have the good fortune to be able to wait for the modern research machine to catch up and prove “if” chiropractic can help them.

Chiropractic developed as a profession to help the ill, whether physical or mental via optimising a persons nervous systems function. The ability of a person to perceive their environment both external to the body and internal in the body, then respond appropriately so they not only survive but thrive.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed by stress, suffering from chronic health issues, physically or mentally, that are not resolving with your current approach, perhaps it is time to take a fresh perspective on what neurologically based chiropractic could offer you.

I firmly believe that an optimal functioning nervous system combined with healthy lifestyle habits, repeated over time give each persons the best chance to express an optimal quality of life.

Changing your perspective may just help you change your life.

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