Sleep Like a Rock Star


Last weeks blog talked about the importance of when we do vital functions like sleep but for many people find getting quality sleep is difficult.

images-157Setting up your day and evening is important in achieving good quality sleep. It begins with the morning sunlight to trigger the production of the sleep hormone melatonin but what you do once the sun goes down is vital to its release.

Artificial light after dark from lights in your home to the light from your TV and other electronic devices (Phones, Computers, iPads) can all delay the release of melatonin getting you ready for sleep. Dimming overhead lights or using lamps instead can be a simple step here to help.

Eating too late into the evening or too close to bedtime (within 3 hours) can also impact your quality of sleep.

The habits and routines you set throughout your day and evening can have a big impact on the quality of your sleep. Maybe it is time to examine your evening habits to get you sleeping like a rockstar.

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