Seeking Balance

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A great deal of popular media focus on diet and exercise as the way to be healthy. Yet are they over simplifying it or even omitting important elements?

Screenshot 2020-07-28 09.30.24As a chiropractor I view each person as a collective of physical, chemical and emotional elements. All are of equal importance and need to be in balance for true health to be expressed.

I regularly field the question “What do I need to do or take to get this better?” Unfortunately this reflects the popular media message and nurturing the mental and emotional aspect of oneself is often left aside.

Yes we all should try to eat a balanced diet that meets our nutritional needs. Yes we all should have a balanced amount of physical activity in our lifestyle but who is taking the time the brain, mind and body needs by slowing down enough to rest, regenerate and revitalise.

Research is now suggesting that getting a good nights sleep outweighs both diet and exercise combined for the benefits to health. Learning to be present in your body by using breathing exercises and just taking time out regularly to calm the pace of life that is creating over-arousal at a brain level all support a healthy mental state.

Your lifestyle choices matter so I encourage everyone to bring balance to all aspects of your health, physically, chemically and emotionally.

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