Seed or Soil ?


The events of the last few years have highlighted the differences in peoples thinking and beliefs. One of these is around germ theory and terrain theory.

Simplified; the germ theory contends that by coming into contact with a virus, bacteria or other pathogen that you will get sick. Where as the terrain theory highlights that germs, bacteria and pathogens are everywhere and it is only when the environment (ie: your body) is right will they be able to take hold.

The major difference between the two is that the germ theory holds up the germ as the enemy and that your body is powerless to it while the terrain theory promotes the importance and power of the body’s ability to resist via its innate and adaptive immune systems.

2-4-1024x1024Chiropractic has been a supporter of the terrain theory and that through regular chiropractic care the brain and nervous system can optimally run the immune system. This allows you to resist, ward off or fight germs from taking hold when exposed.

The terrain theory helps to explain why one household member may not get sick while in close contact other members who are.

The terrain theory promotes the idea of a healthy environment within the body through healthy lifestyle choices. Healthy choices supports an optimally functioning immune system. 

This is why it is not the seed (germ), it is the soil (terrain of the body) that is of most importance.

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