Remove my Symptoms


For most people, they seek a health professional, like a chiropractor so they can get a symptom removed. Yet is that truely possible or the best approach?

IMG_4221Last week I wrote about disease and symptoms resulting as a lack of health. Symptoms can and perhaps should be viewed as your body’s warning signal that your level of health has been depleted and it is reaching its limits of adaptation.

As a chiropractor I am not able to magically or miraculously reach into someones body and remove their pain or symptom. The purpose of the chiropractic adjustment is to restore their own natural healing capabilities. Most often through bringing balance back within the two halves of their nervous system.

Your nervous system gets challenged everyday in multiple ways; from physical stressors of posture to lack of exercise or insufficient rest, to toxins within your foods and environment or mental, emotional or financial worries. These can all contribute to create interference to ideal nervous system function.

Wanting your symptoms removed as quickly as possible is not a bad thing but knowing that this occurs naturally when your own healing capabilities work without interference might be the perspective shift.

Restoring your body’s health level is a sure way to remove your symptoms.

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