Remain Proactive


In a time of crisis and uncertainty, it is never more important to keep healthy lifestyle habits going. They will become your best protection.

images-158As your nervous system controls and co-ordinates all of you. Both body and mind, optimising nervous system function and its ability to adapt to stress is key. Stress that overwhelms can negatively impact any and all functions within the body, including the immune system.

Maintaining healthy habits like…

  1. Decrease bright lights at night
    • switch to lamps or candles v’s overhead lights in the house after dark
    • use anti-blue light filters on devices or wear red lens glasses
  1. Last food or drink 3 hours before bed to allow for digestion to finish
    • a glass of water or non caffeine herbal tea is ok
  1. Have a regular bed time if possible 
    • (10-10:30pm)
  1. Have a regular wake up time if possible 
    • (6:30-7:30am)
  1. Eat breakfast daily
  1. Have exercise in your weekly routine
    • optimal would be mornings or during the day but if not possible still go at night
  1. Try to get a small amount (up to 1 hour) of sunlight each day
    • Especially at sunrise or sunset

All of these healthy lifestyle habits are possible to do under the current recommendations and will go a long way to supporting the natural rhythms required of a healthy body and mind. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Now is the time to remain proactive with healthy lifestyle habits so we don’t have to become reactive in the crisis.

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