Recovery v’s Response

Stress Recovery 2

Recovery from the stressor is just as important as the response to it.

Stress Recovery 2I spend a great deal of time talking with people that health issues and symptoms are the results of their nervous system being forced into a survival state too often and for too long. This is due to their response to stressors in their life from things like, work, home, finances to physical, chemical and emotional pressures.

Possibly even more important than how a person respond to stress, is their ability to recover. When you lose the ability to recover from stress this means you stay locked in the fight or flight mode, the survival dominant state.

From here this is where the dominos begin to fall with increased muscle tension, inflammation runs unchecked, sensitivity to pain increases and your ability to heal and repair is suppressed. This cascade of events can eventually flow on to impact all systems and functions within the body.

I have been measuring ┬ápeoples response too stress and their ability to recover from stress for the last 13 years as knowing what is and isn’t working optimally means you can do something about changing and improving it.

Through this I have learned that you have the ability to impact how well your body recovers from stressors within your life. Developing healthy habits around meditation, rest, relaxation, relationships and even receiving a regular chiropractic adjustment all can contribute to boosting your recovery ability.

With the enemy within being stress, now is the time to value lifestyle choices that promote recovery as the response is hard wired into the nervous system.

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