Radiation Nation


We all have learned that too much exposure to radiation is potentially harmful to our health and as technology advances are we being exposed to more than ever before. The question we need to be asking is “is this having an impact on our health?”

electrosmogIt is easy for people to understand how exposure to the pathogens like viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi might make you unwell as these can been seen either by the naked eye or under a microscope. It is a little more difficult to see EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) like WiFi, 4G phone service, artificial light from phones, devices and screens. All of which our modern technology rely on to function.

Is this rise in non native EMF contributing to the rapid rise in chronic health complaints that have been observed already this century? Statistically in 1965 only 4% of people suffered from chronic illness’s, today 65% of children suffer from chronic illnesses!

If this increase in exposure to non native EMF is part of the problem how do we go about living in our modern world that at this time, will be unlikely to give up this technology?

Part of the answer may come back to how we as individuals make lifestyle choices around the things we can impact or have any control over. Things like the food we consume, the amount and type of exercise, activity, relaxation and recovery time we engage in. Even the amount of time we spend on devices verses time spent away from technology. 

For as you know we are the expression of the choices we make. This dramatic rise in chronic illness should be prompting us to ask questions of areas we may not have suspected up to now.

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