Prioritising Health

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After an interesting conversation yesterday with one of my younger practice members it reminded me that we all have differing value systems.

For me, my health and the health of my family are in my top 3 values. The reason for this is that our physical and mental health , impacts everything we do and everyone around you.

Now others may value money as their top priority but I have seen many people who in their younger years spent their health chasing wealth only to then spend that wealth trying to regain their health in their later years.

wooden-blocks-word-health-wealth-260nw-1647555151.jpg copyNo matter what your goals, dreams or aspirations are you will need your health to firstly achieve them and secondly to enjoy them.

Health is a bit like the journey verses the destination. If we can prioritise our health along the way it allows us to arrive at the destination of our goals and dreams in a healthy state to enjoy them.

The journey of life can be one that enjoys optimal health along the way of chasing your dreams but it may require you to value your health in your top 3 priorities.

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