Priorities & Perspective



Are you a person who prioritises prevention over cure? This is a perspective which influences how you live your life.

If you value prevention this will often cause you to invest in lifestyle choices and habits that promote optimal function, health and wellbeing. Things like eating healthy foods, having exercise and activities as a regular part of life plus prioritising good quality sleep each night. You may even use terms life “work life balance!”


Having a cure mindset is often more about ignoring things until they go wrong or break. These people are only usually motivated primarily by how they feel; pain, symptoms and illness before they will for a quick fix.Taking on a prevention mindset means you prioritise optimal function. You will learn through this mindset that there is a big difference between optimal function verse symptoms and that through regular lifestyle choices, and some discipline, you can increase your quality of life.

It is just a matter of perspective and priority.

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