Past & Present

Cognitive Bias

Have you ever had your past come and impact your present? It might of been in the form of they way you reacted to someone because of a previous unrelated experience or trauma.

Cognitive BiasNeurologically your subconscious is always reaching into past experiences or traumatic events when weighing up present situations. It’s a survival strategy. Unfortunately this may lead to an over reaction or misinterpretation of the present event because of the previous experience or trauma has altered your perception.

Your nervous system may regulate every function and system in your body but it is not able to regulate itself. The nervous system learns to what you experience and repeat.

These traumas, stressors and repeated experiences then essentially create glitches and errors in subconscious patterns allowing your past to impact your present.

Using strategies that bring the nervous system into balance and out of the survival dominate state allows them to be resolved. You could use regular chiropractic adjustments, post adjustment meditation tools like the BrainTap, home meditation and prayer, practicing gratitude and laying on the posture pole daily.

All of these have shown benefits towards nervous system balance.

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