Strong successful people know success takes time and that the progress towards success is rarely a straight line but has many bumps, turns and challenges along the way.

0b5373839c9b15623817b01a40d53b60This thinking can also be applied to health and healing. Most people put time lines on how long it will take for a pain they have to resolve or a health issue that has develop to resolve once they consult a health professional. 

For some if not many people these time frames they have established may be unrealistic and haven’t taken into account all the variables like modern lifestyle factors, environmental factors or even genetic factors that may effect the time for their healing to occur.

I still believe that as a health professional it is incumbent on me to provide a guideline on what time to expect resolution in but also point out that there is dual responsibility for healing between the individual and the practitioner. As a practitioner I have no control over the decisions a person makes in their recovery once they leave the practice.

Healthy, resilient people take ownership of, and responsibility for their lifestyle choices that actively promote and assist healing, recovery and great health for themselves.

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