Neurologically Based Chiropractic


Viewing chiropractic from a nervous system perspective may highlight why it often seems to help people beyond just back and neck pain.

NBCResearch has shown that the chiropractic adjustment impacts brain function. The brain is like the central computer for your mind and body. It is receiving up to 3 trillion messages from the body and its 5 senses, processing the information and sending back out the responses. The nervous system is the control system for all the tissues, organs and systems in the body including the muscles, heart, lungs, hormones, digestion, immune function and even your body’s ability to heal and repair the wear and tear of daily life.

Your body has been designed with an amazing ability to heal and self regulate but stress that goes beyond an individuals ability to cope leads to the loss of this self regulation at  a brain level. This stress is often referred to as the fight or flight response which inhibits the body’s immune response and natural healing capability, among many other changes if it is there long term.

When you view chiropractic from this neurological perspective, you can see how it can fit in with healthy lifestyle choices to optimise all of the mind and body beyond just back pain relief and into a greater total quality of life.

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