Netflix and Chill?

digital dementia

Recently I took the opportunity to watch a Netflix’s documentary called “The Social Dilemma”. Firstly I would recommend every parent watch this with their adolescent children who are on social media.

digital dementiaI feel that what once started out as a modern and innovative way to connect people turned into a business model to compete for your time and attention.

The fact that these companies have thousands of software engineers sitting there working out ways to draw you back to their App and then keep you there as long as they can, tells me that they want to control and influence your beliefs, behaviours and actions. 

From a health perspective, this prolonged staring at modern screens which use high blue light frequencies, as this is now know to lower dopamine levels in the brain, is changing your brain reward cascade making you more susceptible to addiction and mental health issues. We need to remember that these conditions have proliferated greatly over the last decade along side the rise of mobile devices and social media. This addiction to social media I have heard labeled as digital dementia.

This combination of social media companies intentionally trying to keep you scrolling for longer so they can sell your attention and time to the highest bidder and the impact of blues light frequency from screens altering the brain reward cascade then flowing on to impacting your mood and decision making should be an alarm bell that we as a society should be paying attention to and perhaps demanding better and safer technology for us as a humanity.

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