Nature Needs No Help, Just No Interference


                                      “Nature needs no help, just no interference”

                                                                                                                      BJ Palmer

images-162A key tenant of chiropractic is that the brain and body need to be able to communicate without interference. Then beyond this the body’s innate response to the environment will allow you to function and adapt optimally.

A persons ability to adapt will reflect how healthy they are and this ability to adapt is linked to the nervous systems ability to function without interference. Interference may come in various forms of stressors, physical, chemical, emotional and electromagnetic but these stressors may be more of our own making then we realise.

As 21st century human beings we have developed many wonderful convenient and time saving technologies but have they also created unrecognised and unwanted stressors that impact our ability to function without interference? Recent research is beginning to suggest that artificial light after dark may be one of these subversive stressors that are unwittingly creating nervous system interference.

So conscious and unconscious lifestyle choices are having an impact on your nervous systems ability to do its function without interference. Choosing to look at and ask questions on the potential impact of modern lifestyle choices on our health needs to begin to happen as we now suffer from chronic illnesses at levels never seen before.

Making even a small change like switching off over head lights in the house after dark and using lamps could be one step towards reducing a stressor that is creating nervous system interference and resulting in a health decline. Partner this with a regular chiropractic check up and two small choices may lead to an even greater health result.

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