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Growing up I was taught that when looking after your health, you went natural first, medication second and surgery last.

Sunset WellnessAfter 20 yrs in chiropractic practice, I have noticed that this is not the same for everyone. That often when a health issue arises, the first option people go for is a man made, synthetic drug which all too often comes with unwanted side affects. Or surely is held up as a cure all for their problem rather than a last resort.

Perhaps it is my natural bias but I personally prefer to look at my lifestyle choices day by day to prevent health issues from arising. Prevention rather than cure or being proactive rather than reactive. If something was to go wrong then I would exhaust conservative, natural solutions that work with the way my body was designed to function.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad for all the life saving advances medicine has made, but statistically already this century, medicine is coming up short when dealing with the rise in chronic health issues that now plague us.

For most chronic health issues, the cause can be traced back to poor lifestyle choices over a prolonged period of time; which brings me back to what I was taught growing up; Natural first, medication second and surgery last, as your body did not come with spare parts.

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