Multidimensional You


Our drive as human beings is often to know how things work and this is true of our body and it’s natural expression of health. It is also our nature to reduce this knowledge down to the one thing we have to do so we can have the health we want.

images-119This is often an unrealistic and unachievable desire due to the complex’s and multi dimensional nature of the body and life.

At one level our body is made up of physical matter, what we can see and touch, our flesh. At another level we are energetic, all our cells have a vibrational tone. This is something that is more difficult to see and touch but is just as equally important as our physical matter as it is what animates it or brings it to life.

It is also what makes finding just one or even a few things you need to do to maintain and express health as unrealistic.

The physical and energetic you work hand in hand and both need to be nurtured. This concept is highlighted within chiropractic as it focuses on your neurological function which is both physical and energetic in nature and is connected to and harmonises all of your physical and non physical aspects to your body and expression of life.

Grasping that you are more that just flesh and blood but also animated by this energetic more intangible element may help in the way you choose to nurture the environment that will allow you to thrive in.

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