Mastering Mindfulness


The fight or flight response is a protective survival instinct that exists to help you flee harm or fight off a threat to your life.

images-11This nervous system response is based on your perception of your environment. This unfortunately can mean it is triggered not just if you are in physical danger but also if you are under mental or emotional stress. Your own thoughts can trigger it.

Teaching yourself how to calm the nervous system’s fight or flight response and practicing it regularly is therefore very beneficial. It doesn’t mean the stress response won’t be triggered but it will help with it not prolonging after the danger has past.

Much of the modern lifestyle chronically triggers the protective stress response at a mental or emotional level and this is often where it can begin to impact health, mentally as well as physically.

Taking a few minutes each day through meditation is a well used technique to help balance the nervous system and not allow the a stress response to linger longer than is required for the situation. This could also be supported each day by practicing gratitude where you write down 3 things you are thankful for.

Take your next step towards greater health and happiness by introducing a short time of mindfulness each morning and writing 3 things each night that you are grateful for.

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