Maintaining Breakthrough


For too many people they change just enough, just long enough to get their body out of crisis.  Unfortunately they then stop or drop off doing those health habits before they have had the chance to fully restore or create robust health for the long term.

bigstock-Wellness-Sign-With-Wooden-Cube-120260666-870x320This is in part due to our human nature of being motivated by pain or symptoms which can quickly become “out of sight, out of mind” once they go. Without a deeper understanding that elimination of symptoms or pain does not always equate to complete resolution or full healing, it is an easy decision to make.

Failing to instil the healthy habits that created the success in the first place as part of a daily lifestyle often robs that individual of reaching their potential for living a life with the freedom that comes with abundant health. This can lead to the merry-go-round of in and out of symptoms or pain.

Breaking out of this merry-go-round cycle may come back to valuing living to the fullness of life over a life just avoiding or minimising pain.

Always remember, you get to choose how you think, what you value and how you want to express life, rather than just accepting what is common within society or what society try’s to conform you too.

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