Magical Mirror Neurons


We often mirror the state of emotions we are surrounded by, so are you the smile someone needs to see today?

SmileAs humans we are social beings who constantly scan our environment for nonverbal clues for love or threats. We can pick up how other people are feeling by simply observing their body language or facial expressions. Then without thinking about it we reflect it back to them due to something in our neurology called mirror neurons.

As we are a wholistically integrate beings, the chemicals and hormones we release are determined by our emotional state and also reinforce our emotional state.

The simple act of a smile or showing empathy towards someone may just be all that is needed to invoke their mirror neurons into action and change their emotional state of being.

This time of year for many can be stressful and frightfully busy so taking the time to smile may just make someones day, all with thanks to these amazing mirror neurons that are constantly at work in each of us

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