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Health is a reflection of what you repeat and often what we repeat is what we see others doing around us without question. But are all of our lifestyle choices optimal for both quality of life now and longevity of life for the future?

Lifestyle choicesMuch of what we accept as being healthy lifestyle decisions are now beginning to be questioned in the face of unprecedented rises in chronic health issues, mental health issues and the reliance on drugs to keep symptoms at bay.

If you are not enjoying your optimal quality of life, where you sleep well, wake refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of the day with loads of energy, recovery well from physical activity, live most days without symptoms and pain free and have robust health, then it might be high time to begin questioning many modern lifestyle choices you repeat that you assume are healthy.

Perhaps you could start by looking at the Standard Australian Diet (SAD) which often leads to high inflammation in the body (a major driver of chronic health issues). Maybe it is time to go against the grain of the modern industrialised food industry and question the need for all the highly refined and processed carbohydrates, sugars and seed oils that contribute to inflammation in the body.

Maybe it is time to take a fresh look at circadian rhythm biology and get back to the natural light/dark cycles of day and night. Allowing the body the opportunity to optimise hormones, digestive and immune functions and your body’s natural ability to heal.

We are very privileged to live in this modern information age, where we have instant access to vast knowledge bases but falling asleep at the wheel of your own health via unquestioned and un-researched lifestyle choices, just because it is easier to follow the current masses may only lead to you joining the rapidly growing statistics of the highest chronic illnesses in any time in human history.

We are what we repeat and lifestyles are a choice…..is it time to research and choose wisely? Your health and longevity depend upon it.

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