Lack of Health or Disease


Is there a difference between the lack of being healthy and having a disease? Maybe it is something you have never thought about.

images-102I believe that you are unable to have a disease without having a lack of health but are able to have a lack of health and not have a disease. If the lack of health was to continue long enough then a disease process will likely begin.

Why might this even be important? Because it comes down to how you think about and look after yourself. Is it your goal to be healthy or just not have a disease? Health is your natural state of being and disease occurs only when that natural state is lost for extended periods of time. Most often this occurs through lifestyle choices and environmental factors that place you under too great a level of physical, chemical, emotional and electromagnetic stress.

Stress beyond your capacity to adapt engages the survival response within the nervous system. The nervous system cannot be in both survival and growth at the same time, it is in one or the other.

Chiropractic has always been focused on optimising the natural expression of health rather than the elimination of symptoms, conditions or disease as these are most often the result of a lack health.

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