Knowledge to Wisdom

We live in an age of information, where the accumulation of knowledge is easy but converting it to wisdom takes time, effort and practice, which many are unprepared to do.

The-information-hierarchyWhen it comes to health, the common things people focus on are food and exercise. Unfortunately most people have the knowledge of what they should and shouldn’t eat and that exercise or physical activity should be a part of a healthy lifestyle but still fail to put it into practice. This is where knowledge fails to become wisdom

Statistics show that modern society is suffering more chronic illness than ever before even though we know more than we ever have about the body. Perhaps this knowledge is only that and not being applied within our lives and turned into wisdom.

There is so much more to being healthy and functioning at your peak beyond food and exercise too. Minimising or detoxing from non-native EMF from modern technology, keeping your work-life balance in check, even supporting optimal nervous system function with regular chiropractic care are equally as important.

If you seek a different result, maybe it is time to take the knowledge of being healthy and turn it into wisdom through practice. 

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