Keeping Current & Relevant


This year I begin my 21st year in Chiropractic practice and my 18th year in Toongabbie. I am fortunate to feel as invigorated and passionate about turning up to practice today as I did when I began all those years ago.

images-127One of the reasons I believe I feel this way is because I value keeping current with the research that underpins chiropractic care and then finding ways to make this understanding relevant to you, the people who seek care with me.

Excitingly for me, research over the past few years has been published showing the impact chiropractic adjustments have on the brain, in particular a section in the front of the brain known as the prefrontal cortex. This supports other research over the past decade suggesting that neuroplastic changes (building new connections in the brain & the brains ability to adapt to changes) occurs following a chiropractic adjustment.

When chiropractic is viewed with this neurological lens, it begins to explain why many patients over so many years have reported changes in areas of their health and quality of life over and above changes to just their neck and back pains.

As a practitioner it is always a privilege to be asked to assist a person with any health or quality of life issue. Keeping current with the research and interpreting its relevance for a persons journey fuels my enthusiasm and passion.

Each day is an opportunity to learn something new and you never know what you say or do today because that new learning, how it may change or influence someones life and health tomorrow.

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