Immune Offense


The best defence is a good offence.

Immune-9This is a common saying often applied to sports and military action but is it true for our health?

With growing fears of catching viruses, have we forgotten that we have been equiped with an amazing defence system called our immune system.

In the 1980’s the medical profession finally recognised something the chiropractic profession had been saying for decades. That the immune and nervous systems talk to each other. This means that a healthy nervous system promotes a healthy immune system.

So how can you boost your immune offence? Choose lifestyle habits that promote healthy brain and nervous system function. Things like 

  • get enough good quality sleep each night, this requires healthy night time routines, like lowering the lights and limiting devices after dark 
  • not eating within 3 hours of bed time to allow for proper digestion to have occurred
  • getting regular daily activity and weekly exercise routines 
  • eat a healthy balanced unprocessed diet 
  • Get a small amount of sunshine each day to boost Vitamin D levels
  • Consider the role chiropractic plays in optimising brain and nervous system function.

Put your immune system in offence as your form of best defence by implementing healthy lifestyle choices and live a life free of fear.

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