Immaterial Health


In our modern age with our amazing technology and research into health, do we still overlook one vital aspect? In 2018 we can map an individuals genetic code, scan every muscle, organ and tissue in the body and test for large number of hormones, chemicals and immune components within their blood. Yet for some seeking answers to their ailing quality of life, all this technology and know how, still comes up short.

images-4One reason may be that we are too focused on the material that makes up the body and not emphasising the importance of the immaterial that brings it to life.

It is easy to observe, examine, poke and prod the physical materials of the body looking for answers. This is the outside in approach to health but perhaps there is a time and place for a more inside out approach. It is known that thoughts, positive and negative, cause different chemicals to be released in the body with vastly different impacts on health outcomes.

Examining the quality of your thinking and taking those thoughts captive could be considered part of the inside out approach to health. The quality of the mental impulse traveling from the brain to every muscle, organ, gland, tissue and cell is also considered part of the inside out approach to health. Both of these can have an impact of how you heal. The mental impulse or energy transmitting over the nervous system appears more immaterial than material and yet life would not be possible without it.

The fact is you are both material and immaterial parts making up one body and they need to work in harmony for the true expression of health. If one is being neglected, then the whole begins to suffer.

If the material you has been scanned, poked and prodded without resolution then nurturing the immaterial may provide the solution for you to heal from the inside out. 

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