Health is Individual


Have you ever wondered why two people in the same family living together under the same roof or two colleagues who work side by side day in and day out and then one gets sick and the other doesn’t?

Unknown-133Perhaps it is because health is individual. How well a person functions, how stressed a person gets in response to their lifestyle, work situation and relationships etc is individual and an accumulation of lifetime of events and responses. 

Health is an individual expression of that persons ability to adapt and respond to all that life has entailed up to that point.

Chiropractic has always proposed that the function of nervous system is the major contributing factor to how a person adapts and response to their lifestyle choices, habits and environment. That a person’s ability to express health or fail to ward off an invading germ by launching an appropriate immune response is directed via nervous system function.

This individuality of health, whether due to compromised or optimal nervous system function has been long proposed as to why one person may get sick while another does not.

It is possible to tell how well your nervous system is functioning in promotion of your health. If you would like to find out how well your’s is functioning then perhaps it is time to measures it with our neurologically based computerised assessment.

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