Health, Happiness & Gratitude


Have you ever thought that your health might be linked to your happiness and your happiness could be based on your level of gratitude?

GratitudeGratitude could be defined as being content with who you are and what you have.

In this social media era of instagram perfection, it is very easy to want what others seem to have but could this be the thing that is impacting your own ability to appreciate what you have and what you alone can bring to this world?

The people I met who are genuinely content in their own skin, ooze happiness and even encourage it in those around them. They draw you up to their level.

Science has shown that how you feel emotionally does impact on your physical health. So you can potentially boost your health by practicing the art of gratitude daily. It is as simple as listing 3 things each day you are grateful for. Research suggests that doing this for as little as a month can change your whole emotional state and  outlook on life.

Beginning the new habit of practicing gratitude today may soon have an impact on your level of happiness and health tomorrow.

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