Health Consciousness


In some senses we now live in a society that has become very consumable in our consciousness. When something breaks it is often cheaper and less hassle to throw it out rather than repair it. 

368297This mentality now seems to be creeping into our health. We think that if our health breaks and we start suffering from illness then we can just purchase new health but this is not the case.

Health is something that is there to be maintained via healthy lifestyle choices. Sadly many of the modern lifestyle choices are creating “death by 1000 cuts”. One choice alone is not breaking health but the accumulation of many poor choices are adding up to rob you of this natural birth right of being healthy.

Chronic health issues are at all time highs and are causing people to live a less than optimal expression of life. The impact is wide ranging in severity and both physical and mental in nature. 

Now is the time to examine if our consumeristic consciousness is impacting the way we nurture our health and begin to ask questions about if the fast paced, technology ladened modern styles are worth sacrificing your health for.

Your health impacts everything you do and everyone you know so taking the time to promote better health should become a higher priority for us all.

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