Health and Healing

4x5 ratio Healing

4x5 ratio HealingIf you don’t work on your health and healing it will show up in the quality of your life, relationships and body.

Stress, whether physical trauma, chemical/environmental toxins or mental emotional distress all negatively impact brain function. When these stressors persist this wires the brain into survival and protective patterns. These patterns put a person on high alert for future stressors.

This may manifest itself as poor reactions to events in your daily life; how you tolerate others around you; the way you talk to yourself; the thoughts and feelings you experience and dwell on; the quality of your decisions you make and in your physical health also.

Regular ongoing chiropractic care has shown to reduce the negative impact of stress on the brain and allow the brain to wire patterns that sustain optimal function. Combining this with other positive lifestyle choices that also combat the every present and ongoing stressors that you face in modern life allow you to work on your health.

Working on your health and healing consistently allows it to show up positively in the quality of your life, relationships and body.

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