Habits of Highly Successful Chiropractic Patients

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Your health is a reflection of your lifestyle habits. Some of your daily routines may be contributing to negative health and wellness outcomes.

1462983035_circadian rhythm clockFor optimal health and function, your lifestyle habits still need to promote good circadian rhythm. This is the day night cycle of your brain and body.

Here are 6 habits that will help both your brain and body optimise its circadian rhythm leading to better health.

  1. Decrease bright lights at night
    • switch to lamps or candles v’s overhead lights in the house after dark
    • use anti-blue light filters on devices or wear red lens glasses
  1. Last food or drink 3 hours before bed to allow for digestion to finish
    • a glass of water or non caffeine herbal tea is ok
  1. Have a regular bed time if possible 
    • (10-10:30pm)
  1. Have a regular wake up time if possible and eat breakfast 
    • (6:30-7:30am)
  1. Have exercise in your weekly routine
    • optimal would be mornings or during the day but if not possible still go at night
  1. Try to get a small amount (up to 1 hour) of sunlight each day
    • Especially at sunrise or sunset

Give these habits a try for a month and see if your health and wellness improves. Shifting lifestyle choices closer towards the way you were designed to live can help you be a highly successful chiropractic patient .

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