Habits: It’s a Feedback Loop

Habit Formation

For some people, developing new habits can be aa challenge. You start off strong but as time goes by the motivation and desire goes down and the results or goal still has not been achieved.

Habit FormationIt may help to know that building new habits is a feedback loop of action creating a rewards leading to the desire to repeat the action to get another reward and so on.

In the James Spears book Atomic habits, he talks about people focusing on an end goal rather than the process of action and rewards. 

You may have an end goal to overcome your health crisis but not see the reward after just one chiropractic adjustment. If you look at the action of receiving your chiropractic adjustment and the reward being your nervous system going into a balance state where the healing can happen then repeating it over and over makes sense so you can achieve your ultimate goal of overcoming your health crisis.

Make your healthy lifestyle choices habits so they form part of your observable identity. Actions leads to the reward that leads to further action; it’s a feedback loop.

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