Gut Reactions

Second Brain

In health care circles you often hear the phrase “The gut is the second brain”. This has led to a big emphasis on what should and should not be eaten, plus a rise in various diets like vegan, paleo, keto etc.

Second BrainWhen a digestive system is working well and you eat a simple, pure and fresh diet, your gut health will probably continue along fine. 

If digestive issues have arisen in you then identifying the cause is important. These could have been from various physical, chemical, environmental or emotional stressors. Dealing with those stressors plus using an elimination diet has been shown clinically to be beneficial for individuals, but there is no one size fits all solution.

From a neurologically base chiropractic perspective, your brain is in charge of how your gut functions, with the understanding that communication is a two way feedback system in the body. If poor gut health is established, this will negatively influence brain function as in these cases both should be addressed together for an effective and efficient recovery.

I have always been taught that the body is greater than the sum of its parts but also that one bad apple spoils the barrel, which I take to mean in this situation, if one part of the body is not able to function to its potential, it can negatively effect the whole body and person.

With your gut acting like a second brain, it makes sense to look after it with the same importance as the brain itself, as when they both function together at their peak you will functional at yours.

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