Greater Wellness through Sleep


We all face stress everyday so why is it so devastating? Large stressful events or repeated long term stress overloads and disrupts neural integrity. Meaning your brain is unable to process information correctly and can lead to mental and physical health issues. 

SleepImportantly it’s not about the stress but your ability to recover from stress. Not letting it build up to overload thresholds. Forming the stress reducing habits and regularly practicing them is the best form of protection against the known devastating effects of stress on health. 

This is why getting good quality, unbroken sleep is so important to health. A large portion of stress recovery, healing and repair occurs while asleep. It is also the reason why we should guard our sleep environment closely. From a good quality mattress and pillow to good blockout blinds, the right room temperature and a room free of EMF from mobile phones, electrical devices and Wifi. These type of things within your lifestyle or environment can take you away from you getting an optimal nights sleep on a regular basis.

Other things that may help improve your sleep could be regular chiropractic care to support a balance nervous system, seeing more sun rises to support the optimal production of Melatonin and minimising bright lights and screens after the sun has set.

Stress may be recognised as the primary contributing factor in over 90% of all illness but your ability to recover from stress is your key to wellness. Build the right lifestyle habits for stress recovery and guard them fiercely.

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