Get back to nature


Nature needs no help, just no interference – BJ Palmer

With stress being recognised as the major contributing factoring over 95% of all health issues, are you aware that your modern lifestyle is unwittingly creating most of that stress.

As modern technology advances and becomes more prolific, we move further and further away from living the optimal way that our biology requires us to…to thrive.

One example of this is circadian rhythm, the light/dark or day/night cycle. Our biology demands both for optimal function but our modern lives compromise this. Most people work indoors, under artificial lights during the day when our biology requires signals from the sun to function optimally. Then at night when our biology requires darkness and sleep we often sit in front of LED TV’s and under LED artificial lighting.

This circadian rhythm also signals our biology when we should and shouldn’t be eating but the artificial lights after dark effects this signal. The brain will think due to the light that the body is going to be active and signal that you need to still be feeding causing people to snack all the way up to bedtime. This means you go to sleep with a full stomach and over stimulated digestive system when it should be spending time in rest and in repair mode. As you can see this may lead to digestive issues over time and disturb a good refreshing nights sleep both short and long term. 

images-8These are but just a few examples of how our modern lifestyles cause stress and interfere with nature. Then because of this force brain and nervous system into survival dominant patterns and peoples health suffer as the consequence.

I like to say that our health is a reflection what we repeat. If we are repeating thinking that leads to lifestyle choices that are not natural for our biology to thrive the results, at some point, will be crisis’s of pain, symptoms, illness and disease.

I utilise brain based chiropractic care to focus on removing interference to optimal function of the brain and nervous system patterns which is required for the expression of optimal health. Many people choose ongoing chiropractic care as a lifestyle choice to combat the impact of the stressors that modern life is putting on the brain and nervous system.

The choice is yours and greater health and quality of life can be expressed through the choices you choose to make. 

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