Germ Theory


Medical thinking through the 20th Century was all about looking for germs as the cause of many if not all diseases but in reality it is never one single factor.

images-152If you put the same germ in many different body’s it would not necessarily cause the same disease in each individual and in some people would not cause any disease at all. The germ requires a host that is compromised to have its potential negative impact take hold.

At the heart of nearly all conditions and disease is a weakened or compromised host. Usually from an overload of mental, emotional, chemical, physical and electromagnetic stressors. These unresolved stressors activate the survival response within the nervous system which over time leads to compromised immune function among several other responses.

So you can try to change the environment for the weakened host to survive or you can strengthen the host to survive in the compromised environment. Receiving chiropractic care that focuses on optimising your nervous system function helps you adapt to stressors better.

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