Genetic Predestination?


Genes load the gun, your lifestyle pulls the trigger

images-126For many in society they have been taught and now believe that their health outcomes are predetermined by the genes they inherited from their parents. Unfortunately this sets up a victim mentality of fatalism in which they think there is nothing they can do to alter this. 

This is a false belief due to an over emphasis of the power of genes and a misunderstanding of their importance. 

You are not a victim to your genes. Yes they give you your eye and hair colour but they do not for the most part determine your health outcomes alone. They require the help of your lifestyle, that is the environment you create for yourself. This is why it is often said that “genes load the gun, but your lifestyle pulls the trigger.”

How you choose to live, think, what you believe, the types and amounts of foods you choose to consume and the amount and types of exercise and activities you choose to participate in all create the environment that allow your genes to be “turned on or off”. This is the greatest influence on your genetic potential.

I was once told that chiropractic may help a person express their genetic potential, and maybe this is true (I have not seen research to support this yet) but it could only happen if it was used as part of a persons healthy lifestyle, just like eating well, moving well and thinking well.

So your health is not predetermined by the genes you have but by the lifestyle you choose to live. 

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