Finding Peace in the Silence


For most people in this modern time, silence is deafening. So much so that they may require the radio or tv on in the background when they are home alone.

images-115A modern observation is that as soon as someone has to wait for an appointment or something they quickly pull out their phone and scroll social media.

Is this a reflection of our modern society’s inability to be comfortable or find peace in the silence? Is there something we are afraid of in the silence? Is there a need to drown out that inner voice that we tune into in that silence?

I know that I don’t know the answer to all these questions but I do know that if I don’t spend time learning to find peace in the silence that I begin to feel wound up, the stress builds and everything in life can seem to pile in on top of me.

One of my favourite sayings is the we are human beings not human doings as I believe we were designed with the need for rest. Rest beyond sitting and watching a movie or the latest reality tv show. Rest where we stop, turn off from all our modern day distractions and find the rejuvenating peace in the silence which is part of the fuel for a healthy life.

Learning to see the value of this rejuvenating process may just help you achieve better health and the life goals you have set for yourself far more effectively than just trying to do more in the hours you are provided each day.

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