Find the Silver Lining


As we all get our heads around our new challenges and changes to life, work schedules, no sports or group activities, could this be a great opportunity to develop yourself and the lifestyle habits that support a healthier and better version of yourself?

images-160If you are fortunate enough to be asked to work from home, you could look at the time each day you are saving on travel and put it towards building new habits that allow you to grow and develop.

You could use the new found time to read books or learn online that allow you to expand your knowledge and grow your skills. You could use the time to take a morning walk or do a workout or even stop, be still and have a prayer or meditation session.

Challenges are difficult but there is often a silver lining if you want to look for it. One of the silver linings could be giving you the time to develop lifestyle habits that support an even better version of yourself both in mind and body.

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