Feeling v’s Function


Pain is always bad, right? You only have health issues when there are symptoms, correct?

images-170What if you you have eaten something that is off and you begin to feel nauseous, start to sweat and run a fever, even your joints begin to ache. Then it progresses to you vomiting and having diarrhoea for the next few hours. This means you are unwell doesn’t it? As you have pains and symptoms.

Once it would have been said that you feel sick but you are functioning appropriately. The vomiting and diarrhoea is eliminating something that has the potential to be life threatening before you get a chance to absorb it via the digestive tract. Running a fever is part of your immune response, as 80% of bacteria and viruses are killed 1 degree above your normal body temperature. The sweating is eliminating other toxins that have been already been absorbed in the digestive system, out through the skin and also to make sure you don’t over heat.

It is in fact a survival response, designed to help keep you alive but our modern health perspective now prompts us to take medications to prevent the vomiting and diarrhoea, lower the fever and reduce the joint pains. If a person takes these medications they may begin to feel less symptoms and no pain but are these medications are now being counter intuitive to the body’s natural defence mechanism?

If you begin to break down most illnesses and diseases you will see that the body has lost ideal function before pain and symptoms began and mostly due to lifestyle choices that go beyond the body’s ability to adapt.

My suggestion is to look at pains and symptoms as signals that lifestyle choices, physically, chemically and emotionally are out of balance. This pushes your nervous system into the survival dominate state of fight or flight too often and for too long. This does not allow your body’s natural ability to maintain optimal function and do the necessary healing and repairs. 

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