Everything Old Is New Again


As I read the latest scientific research coming out on what makes us healthy and live longer, it seems like everything old is new again.

GroundingLifestyle choices like meditation, saunas, cold therapy, grounding and regular safe exposure to the sun all contribute to our health and longevity.

Our modern, fast paced, sleep deprived, technology ladened, artificial light soaked indoor lifestyles may be a factor in the growing chronic illness crisis that has begun to emerge this century.

Due to many people’s time poor lifestyles it may be difficult to reintroduce all these older historical lifestyles choices at once but perhaps we could choose one at a time and experience it’s benefits. This may inspire you then to look at your frantic paced lifestyle, re-prioritise and add more health and longevity giving habits going forward.

With research into health and longevity supporting lifestyle habits of old, can you afford not to embrace the change and make them new again?

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