Empty Cup


You cannot pour from an empty cup. The continual input into your own health and wellbeing is essential not just for yourself but those around you.

1If you are depleted, run down, prone to illness or constantly symptomatic you may be trying to live beyond what your body is capable of.

Understanding and valuing the importance of rest, relaxation and topping up your cup with vitality is crucial to any goal you may want to achieve in life.

Trying to live beyond your limit will trigger the nervous system’s stress response of fight or flight. Staying in this survival mode is a sure fire way to empty your cup. More often than not it is multiple little stressors that build up to trigger the stress response. These are the result of the pace and pressures we face within our modern lifestyles.

This is why we need to find a balance in our rest, work and play, so you don’t try to pour from an empty cup.

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