Early Warning


Are you aware that you have early warning systems within you?

Very simple signs that your body tries to give you that it is not coping with the stress within your lifestyle.

Things like cold hands and feet, sweaty hands and elevated breathing and heart rate.

These are signs that the brain and nervous system has activated the survival response due to an impending threat. Ironically in our modern  seeming safe world subtle regular unrecognised stressors prompt this survival response. For to many these the early warning signs go unheeded allowing a minor issue to build into a bigger more serious health crisis.

There are other signs of the stress response within the body but many of these require specialise equipment to be measured. This could be oxygen saturation levels, blood pressure, muscle tone, health rate variability (HRV) or even brain waves (EEG). Then with the results it may also require training to interpret the results.

StressThe simpler to identify stress responses like cold and sweaty hands and elevated breathing and heart rates, that don’t necessarily require equipment to measure can be a great early warning system that stress is beginning to overload the body and an opportunity to take restful steps for the body to recover.

Steps like getting regular quality night sleeps, taking daily time out to stop rest and recover. Adding diaphragm breath exercises into this rest time. Taking time out to meditate, giving you mind and body some time to slow down from the go go go of this modern lifestyle.

In a book the “resilience project” the author recommends a daily “GEM” practice which stands for Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness. 3 simple tools that have helped many people bring their brain and nervous system out of the survival patterns that lead to health issues within their lives.

Your health impacts everything your do and everyone you know, so taking a few moments each day to listen to your body may just help you avoid and bigger and costlier  health crisis.

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