Don’t Worry Yourself Sick


As a chiropractor, I am always talking to my practice members about looking after 3 main aspects of health. Physical, Chemical and Emotional.

file-20181210-76968-1j48v7cWith all the upheaval and uncertainty going on at the moment, I am noticing rising levels of fear and anxiety. Yet now, more then ever it is more important to not worry yourself sick.

Uncontrolled fear, anxiety and worry does lead to activation of the stress response, which includes the down regulation of the immune response. Adding in all the previous healthy habits I have mentioned in the last 3 blogs are great ways to help but you may also need to add in prayer, meditation, times of gratitude and personal affirmations.

Taking 10-30min, once or twice a day to stop, relax, breath deeply and slowly may just help to re-centre you to who you are, what is important and that even though you may feel in the midst of a storm, feel safe and loved.

It is an important time to maintain good self care habits and support those around you. Time to over come fear and worry with love and laughter.

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