Don’t Burden Your Body


I am regularly talking about that the body needs no help to thrive, just no interference. But what can create this interference within the nervous system? Answer: toxicity or deficiency; physically, chemically and emotionally.

big-portrait-1Physical toxicity could be created by repeated poor posture, over exercising or exercising incorrectly. A lack of movement could be an example of physical deficiency required for optimal function and health.

Chemically it could some from repeatedly consuming the wrong foods or foods that are grown with lots of insecticides and in poor soils creating a toxic burden within the body but also leading to a deficiency in vitamins and minerals required for optimal function.

Emotionally this is true too, repeated toxic emotions will have a negative influence and a deficiency of positive emotions will also have a negative influence on how the body functions.

Creating purity and sufficiency in these three areas, physical, chemical and emotional will support optimal nervous system function and flow on to allow you to thrive.

Always remember you are a refection of your lifestyle choices. Choose ones that allow you to function without interference so you don’t just survive but thrive.

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