Do the Health Basics Change?


In a time where there appears to be daily advancements in technology, science and knowledge of how the body works or what to do to be healthy, do the basics to health really change that much?

images-106Currently there is no advancements in technology or knowledge that replace the health promoting benefits of regular exercise, regular good nutrition and regular rest and relaxation.

I often talk about the dangers of stress and its negative long term consequences to health yet there is a difference to avoiding stress and living for health and quality of life.

There seems to be a pocket of thought that the goal to being healthy is to just not get sick but perhaps the mindset needs to be one of moving towards what can be done to promote a life filled with joy, happiness and love. This is where we find true health and quality of life.

Living a lifestyle that includes the basics for health (regular exercise, regular good nutrition and regular rest and relaxation), then combining this with the mindset that true quality of life is found in joy, happiness and love may relieve the burden of having to “do” everything right all the time, in an age of daily changing and some times conflicting information of what is required to be healthy or not get this or that symptom or disease.

True evidence stands the test of time and although society changes, the way your body functions and what it needs does not.

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