Direction is more Important then Speed


Direction is more important than speed: Many are going nowhere fast.

directionWhere ever your health level is currently at, it is more important what direction it is heading in. Even if you are currently healthy but pointing towards decline eventually you will lose your health.

The direction of your health is often dictated by the lifestyle choices you make each day. If you are starting from a long way back with your health; healing and recovery is not a race but a journey. The journey to improve health is often filled with twists and turns as you gain new knowledge and perspectives of the choices that lift or pull down health. These choices and the fundamentals of health and healing remain basically unchanged through time.

Chiropractic believes your body is capable of healing and maintaining health as long as there is no interference to or within your nervous systems function. This interference can come in various forms like physical, chemical and emotional stressors.

Most understand (even if they don’t always do) that physically you need a balance of movement or exercise with rest and recovery. Chemically there is a need for sufficient nutritious foods while limiting toxins within your body. Mentally and emotionally there is an importance to having purpose and drive balanced with holidays or regular down time to recharge and restore.

If you understand that your health impacts all you are and all you want to achieve then pointing your health in the right direction is far more important than the speed you take to reach it.

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