Creating Illness

Has our own human intelligence created our current chronic health crisis?

images-168We are the only living creatures on the planet who have the ability to manipulate our environment. We have created the technology to make hot climates cold or cold climates hot, dam water to make deserts liveable. We can make the dark night light, grow a surplus of food and transport it to the other side of the globe allowing us to eat apples or bananas all year round.

Once humans had to go outside, in the sun and weather to forage and hunt for food, gather, plant, wait for it to grow then harvest. It was hard work to just produce enough food to feed oneself and family. We hadn’t created artificial preservatives and sweeteners, shelf stable foods that didn’t spoil within a few days or weeks.

We now live in a time where scientists have genetically modified crops to produce greater yields, resist certain pests and even grow in nutrient poor soils. These crops are sold to food manufactures to make all sorts of creations that the body had yet been able to adapt to or tolerate, little own thrive on.

As modern human beings living in 2020, it is probably hard for just to fathom what our grandparents or great grandparents daily lives looked like. Things like putting a roof over their heads and food on the table were paramount, Now we can just Uber eat or pop off to the supermarket.

 Yet has this amazing intellect out paced the ability of our biology? Have the changes we’ve created in the advancement of technology and humanitarianism caused us to live outside of our biological mandate or the ability for us to thrive. Have these advancements in our human intellect actually been the cause of many of the stressors leading to the chronic illnesses that now plaque this age?

If in fact this is true, we should be able to turn that intellect back into creating lifestyle change to allow us not just to get these chronic illnesses back under control but allow us to thrive in our health and quality of life again.

Recognition may just be the first step.

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