Consistency is Key


There are two sayings that I think help set up the right attitude for better health.

images-165“You are what you repeat” and “what you think about you bring about”

Both of these sayings point towards the need for forming ongoing habits. Both of mind and body. 

Too often in our modern medical mindset towards health we think of illnesses and symptoms as events that require a one off treatment for their cure. Unfortunately most symptoms and illnesses are set up due to repeated poor lifestyle choices, again both of mind and body.

Even with the great advancements in modern medical technology the body still requires an optimal environment to thrive, this cannot be short cut or gotten around with drugs and surgeries. It is something that each individual needs to provide daily.

That is why you are a product of what you repeat and what you think about you being about.

As we change seasons from winter into spring, what changes in mindset and habits can you take hold of and develop consistently to see your health improve?

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